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Words From Counsel Focus On Family Law Part Four

Time and again I see litigants, often women, who feel manipulated and controlled by their spouse, whether financially emotionally, or both. There may be outright domestic violence in the home, but sometimes there is a subtle form of psychological abuse going on that does the most damage. Some of these women have not worked in over a decade, and instead gave up a career to devote themselves to raising children. Most have no college education and the technologiy-of-today has passed them by. Faced with the end of their marriage, these litigants are “frozen” and afraid to move on because of lack of financial security, low self-esteem, or just no marketable skills with which to seek employment. however, as a divorce attorney, I also see women who choose to stand up for themselves and refuse to be the victim of abuse any longer — even if it is that subtle  form of control exerted over them on a daily basis. They may be afraid to get divorced, but they bravely take that first step towards remaking their lives and moving forward. They seek out education and job training to gain a foothold in the workplace. And for some, post-divorce will be the first time that they maintain an individual bank acount or even balance a checkbook. Regardless of where you start, know that divorce is not the end. As your divorce attorney, I will be there to help you make informed choices and get you through the process. Embrace this new beginning and the chance to make new and happy memories.

You never know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have.


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