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What Every Divorce Needs: A Four-Way Conference

When done correctly, streamlining your divorce is possible; the way to do it is with a four-way conference. A four-way conference is a confidential meeting between two client and their attorneys. This should not be confused with traditional mediation which consists of a mediator and just you and your spouse. Without the party’s respective attorneys present, mediation sessions often turn into an endless loop of complaints, accusations, and Christmas wish-lists. Also, a mediator cannot offer legal advice or advocate for either side.

Why the Four-Way Conference is an Effective Tool

The four-way conference facilities negotiation of the particular issues in your case and is often the “wake-up call” that everyone needs. In addition, it injects a level of humanity, which is oftern absent in litigation when attorneys just communicate by one-dimensional letters and emails.

1. Identify and eliminate hot button issues that may keep your case from settling.

2. Put out fires before they accelerate and result in expensive motion practice

3. Assess the “players” in your case to aid in strategizing settlement

4. Zoom in on what the next steps should be, such as:

a. Retaining custody or other experts

b. Setting up a temporary parenting time schedule

c. Settling interim financial issues

d. Initiating co-parenting or other counseling

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