Can You Still Get Divorced with an Uncooperative Spouse?


You may be wondering what happens if you want a divorce, but your spouse refuses to accept that the marriage is over and essentially disappears off the grid when it comes to engaging in the process. What happens if your spouse refuses to accept service of the divorce complaint? What happens if your spouse refuses […]

Is There Ever A Right Time To Divorce?

If you have ever thought about divorce, you may also have asked yourself if it will ever feel like the right time for you to venture into those waters, especially post-pandemic. You put off the inevitable and continue on, waiting for that right time to come, and happiness remains out of reach.  You can change […]

“My Friend Told Me That When She Got Divorced. . . .”

When a divorce attorney hears these words from a client, it is sure to raise a concern.  If you have a friend who previously went through a New Jersey divorce, then naturally they may want to give you the benefit of their experience.  It is completely understandable to want to bond with someone who has […]

Understanding the Basics of Custody Neutral Assessments

Sometimes parents are unable to resolve their custody and parenting time disputes without assistance.  This may be due to substance abuse, domestic violence or even parental alienation, but sometimes it can be for a myriad of other reasons such as failure to effectively communicate or co-parent with one another.  However, before your case breaks down […]

What Children of Divorce Wish Their Parents Knew

Some married couples believe that staying together for the children is the best thing for them. In fact, when it comes to women getting divorced, this seems to be the number one reason they give for staying in a broken marriage.  However, the reality is that this might be more damaging to the children than […]

What Child-Related Expenses Do Child Support Payments Cover?

When a new client with children walks into our office, one of the first questions he or she will ask is about child support – either how much he or she will have to pay or can expect to receive. In most cases, this question is answered by application of the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. A less […]

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